INECO Support Contract

What are the benefits of an INECO IBM / HCL Notes support contract?

By concluding a support contract you are assured that time is made available for support.
You are therefore always guaranteed support at a lower rate than you would pay per hour without a contract.

In addition, from a certain level we give a discount on the normal hourly rate for activities that fall outside the contract, see the schedule below.

And if you have a support contract, you will be given priority when planning work.

As of 2015, the support contracts are no longer limited to IBM / HCL Notes products, but we support in consultation everything that lies in our area of ​​expertise.
This allows us to offer a broader service.

Eight levels and prices from € 85,- p/m!

Off-Site Support *
Level: Lite Basic Medium Total
Number of hours per month: 1 4 8 16
Remote support:
Discount on normal hourly rate: Nee Nee Nee
On-site support: Nee Nee Nee Nee
Costs per month **: € 85,- € 330,- € 650,- € 1300,-

* Off-site means remote support by means of e-mail, telephone, computer or work from home.
** Prices as of 11/21/2021

On-Site Support *
Level: Lite Basic Medium Total
Number of hours per month: 4 8 16 32
Remote support:
Discount on normal hourly rate:
On-site support:
Costs per month **: € 375,- € 750,- € 1450,- € 2750,-

* On-site means support at your location.
** Prices as of 11/21/2021

A few rules that belong to a support contract

The different types of contracts can be combined with each other.
For example, you can opt for 1 hour of remote support and 8 hours at your location.

Hours that do not fall within the contract are calculated at the then applicable hourly rate with a start rate of 1 hour per incident. This is always done after consultation with the customer.

We reserve the right to determine what is covered by the contract.

The hours for Off-site support are not transferable to the next month, the hours of On-site support can be saved up to a maximum of 4 days per month, or may be used for Off-site support. No refunds are available for unused hours.

Questions can be submitted by e-mail or telephone.

Response time during office hours is 4 hours.
Within this time, the client will be informed by e-mail or telephone that an incident has been processed.
A normal incident will be handled within 48 hours or escalated if necessary.
If an incident has to be escalated, consultation will take place in advance about the lead time and any costs.

If it is known in advance that the response times cannot be guaranteed due to vacation or illness, this will be indicated in time and an alternative will be offered if necessary.
This may mean that a colleague is engaged for this period or that the period is deducted from the invoice.

Invoicing will take place afterwards and per month.

A support contract is entered into for at least six months and can then be terminated by both parties with due observance of one month's notice period.

A support contract is based on "Best-effort", we cannot give any guarantees.

This is a sample contract: INECO IBM / HCL Notes Support Contract Lite.

For questions about a support contract you can always contact us without obligation!