HCL Domino / Notes v11 is available

What’s new in HCL Domino® 11.0?

  • New Domino® licensing model
    Active license management is not available for production use licenses at this time. Therefore, configuring a FlexNet license server for Domino 11.0.0 is not required.
  • Product rebranding
    References to IBM® have been rebranded to HCL for the Notes® and Domino® product family.
  • New InstallAnywhere platform for Domino®
    Flexera InstallAnywhere 2018 is the underlying install platform used as of HCL Domino® 11.
  • Directory Sync
    Directory Sync allows you to sync people and group data from an external LDAP directory into the Domino® directory. Currently data from Active Directory can be synced.
  • DAOS tier2 storage
    Domino® Attachment Object Service (DAOS) tier 2 storage enables you to use an S3-compatible storage service to store older attachment objects that haven’t been accessed within a specified number of days. This feature allows you to reduce the amount of data stored on Domino servers that use DAOS. It can also improve the performance of any incremental file backups done for DAOS.
  • New Java™ Runtime Environment
    The Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) that comes with HCL Domino® 11 and HCL Domino Designer 11 is now Eclipse OpenJ9 that is provided through AdoptOpenJDK.
  • IBM® GSKit cryptographic libraries replaced with the OpenSSL equivalents
    On all HCL Notes® and Domino® platforms, OpenSSL 1.1.1a cryptographic libraries replace the IBM® GSKit libraries provided in earlier releases.
  • Limiting ID file downloads from the ID vault is disabled for SAML federated login
    When SAML Notes® federated login or SAML Web federated login is the authentication method used to extract HCL Notes ID files from the ID vault, the value for the ID Vault policy setting Allow automatic ID downloads is now ignored. (This setting is in the ID vault tab of a Security Settings policy document).
  • Authenticating web users against the Notes ID passwords in the ID vault
    You can configure HCL Domino® to use the password in an ID vault to authenticate web users that access the server.

What’s new in HCL Notes 11?

  • New modern look
    HCL Notes® 11 has a simplified, user-oriented look.
  • Cleaner, modernized UI
    The overall appearance of Notes® has changed in this release.
  • Minimalistic menus
    Less used actions and options are hidden until you need them. Drop-down and expanding menus allow you to retain all previous capabilities without cluttering the workspace.
  • Simplified forms
    Forms within Notes Calendar and Contacts are organized in a basic, user friendly layout.
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